QGIS Australia User Group

Hi and welcome to the QGIS Australian User Group.

The Australian QGIS user community is growing. We are in industries right across the country with exciting and unique applications of QGIS. The diversity and collective knowledge of Australian QGIS users is one of our greatest community resources. Now, we want to share that with all QGIS users across the country.

Our Mission

Provide an inclusive, constructive and rewarding QGIS community

Importantly we want a place for local QGIS users to come together, which doesn't discriminate between skill level and is accessible to anyone.

We can do this by:

  1. Communicating regularly online. Inclusive, Rewarding
  2. Represent the interest of Australian QGIS users to the wider QGIS project. Inclusive, Constructive
  3. Advocate the use of QGIS to spatial and other industry sectors. Inclusive, Constructive
  4. Act as an information resource for Australian users regarding QGIS. Inclusive, Rewarding

We also facilitate communication between Australia QGIS users, and the QGIS project steering committee. As a recognised user group we have a collective vote on motions that are raised by the steering committee. When motions are raised by the steering committee, the motion is presented to the user group and our vote is cast in the majority.